Castlehaven By the Sea

As he looked back toward the two houses on the bluff, a glint of light caught something and flashed. He realized someone was watching them with binoculars.

Castlehaven By the Sea

“More than you’d think, but I design with the individual in mind and what they want. On occasion, my own vision creeps in but not often.”
Maggy picked up some dishes and carried them to the sink. She was captivated and she didn’t mind admitting it since it didn’t happen often.

Castlehaven By the Sea

As she returned home her musings continued as she pictured the beautiful home on the edge of the bluff, sturdy strong, built to last. hint


Instead of listening to that sixth sense, however, she approached her home her sanctuary, obtained because of its isolated beauty, instantly beckoning


Harrison had gathered his team together ready to tackle the vast cavernous area comprised of hills, valleys, dense forest, cliffs and waterfalls in search of the missing men.


Throughout history, one group of people has attempted to change another group’s actions so they are in align with “their” idea of what it is to be civilized whether it related to behaviour, religion, activities.

Enchantment – Sheryl’s Daily Post The beauty and fragrance of the garden around the cottage filled her with enchantment. Bold vibrant colours, a plethora of aromas, an appealing old world cottage – the setting bewitched her as her eyes ...

Secrets and Magical Places

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Core   Media hype on outer beauty So and so known for her booty Legs insured for a millon or so Magazine covers always aglow   Creating insecurity in youth To my way of thinking ...


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November Notes – Lamb (Wise Enough)

No matter who or where we are We can shine as bright as a star Making a difference Without  reference Loving words hold such beauty Helping to negate the cruelty You may not see it ...

November Notes – Hillsong (Broken Vessels)

  This woman has an amazingly beautiful, clear voice that is quite spectacular. As I am not religious nor belong to any organized religion, I am unable to write anything interesting or profound, but I ...


Leaf Every season has beauty, With it’s own tour of duty Spring usher in fresh and new, Along with it’s own delicious hue Summer warms us up adding fun, Long hot days in the noon ...


Carousel Children laughing gleefully, Eagerly awaiting their turn to play Amused and happy as could be, Running to each display.   A kaleidoscope of colour, The carousel seemed plain A merry-go-round in multicolour, Around they ...


Dramatic An amazing word that encompasses so many variables.  It can be a person who lives for drama and wears you out or can relate to a dramatic event in our life that suddenly becomes ...

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