“I don’t, I make them, every day.” Surprise showed in his eyes. Did women bake anymore? The ones he knew didn’t, in fact, they probably hadn’t touched a stove – ever – and he often wondered if baking was a dying art.

The Woman of my Dreams

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Detective Calvin Greer and I met the love of my life, Miriam Archer while covering the murder of Bob Mortimer. Miriam had been the first to arrive and had found the deceased and it wasn’t a pretty sight.


Now the old diner was hers if she wanted it. Although it had maintained its character and must of the interior was in good condition, there were bits and pieces that required an overhaul.


Sleep deprived my head foggy I am but a carbon copy Quick I need me a cup of coffee For I’ve clearly lost the saucy   How I want the edge back Hating the feelings ...


Elixir     Ode to coffee the elixir of life Never will there ever be strife When a cuppa is handed across Delighted faces, hands of applause Whatever your choice, abundantly clear Coffee makes your ...

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