From Bad to Worse

Violet Skinner was more than shocked, she was horrified. The sense of betrayal and violation hit her in the solar plexus like a body slam. Who? Why? The sight rocked her back on her feet just inside her front door. The doors and windows were securely locked. Torn between investigating and ensuring her own safety, she backed out and ran down the drive to her car, got in, locked the doors and called the cops. It was a nightmare, a bloody nightmare!


Danielle was eager to explore the possibilities entailed in her new job. Well, not a new job in fact, but an extension, a new arm to her already existing job. The


Instead of listening to that sixth sense, however, she approached her home her sanctuary, obtained because of its isolated beauty, instantly beckoning


The company was sliding downhill into inevitable destruction without an upgrade in operations, and without an infusion of cash, there was no stopping the downward spiral.

Ephemeral – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  She sat staring into the distance Contemplating her existence Life was ephemeral at best On this planet, we’re all guests   Treating each other with respect ‘N  love, filling our lives with light, reject ...

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