A throng of fans waited outside the entrance and carried on down and around the block. Doug Robe’s popularity was still at an all-time high and wasn’t dwindling to be sure. Perhaps that’s why he was loath to listen to her.

Tears of Rage 15

Gary must have known the proprietors well, because the instant they entered, they were immediately shown to a booth near the back of the restaurant, that although secluded, offered an incredible view of the nearby river.


She’d heard via the grapevine that Stanton Bradley was a fair and decent man and he was known for weighing his decisions with logic and reason. So she was a little apprehensive about the meet, but not overly concerned. S


Michael’s solicitude was touching. He obviously cared about his parents. He visited weekly, more when he could so he’d been excited at the opportunity of spending the following two weeks hiking with his parents.

Disguise – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

The children were so excited Completely beyond delighted Costumes were on, all in place Happily prepared ready to embrace   Halloween ‘n trick or treat Many new friends to meet Laughter and giggles filled the ...

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