Sitting, peering at albums of pictures

Such a delightfully poignant mixture

Of past memories all safeguarded

And suddenly she was bombarded

With those who were part of her life

With whom she’d shared laughter not strife

Making the passage of life and times

Oh so special, hints of lavender and wine

Far away places, a treasure trove in snippets

A hint captured, none were overly explicit

Dancing through Europe, France and Spain

Brough back memorie of one man again

A sigh of pure pleasure escaped her lips

Remembering a moment under a solar eclipse

When they’d almost become more than friends

Precious possibilities no need for amends

Certain life’s path had taken the right course

An instant, an almost, without any remorse








Neighbours can be friends

On attitude it always depends

Someone watching out for others

Standing in as fathers or mothers

Helping keep little ones safe

A kind of guard and fail-safe

Someone you can depend on

Picking up and carrying the baton

Protecting all whether large or small

On the street or in the dance hall

An extra set of watchful eyes

And someone you consider a prize

We aren’t all blessed with a neighbourly sort

But when you are, they bring great comfort








I have found a circle of friends

People I want with me to the end

Smart fun witty and sometimes wise

Even though I can’t see their eyes

They, each and everyone

Bring a ray of bright sun

Into my life on a daily basis

Offering me a bright oasis

Of understanding, acceptance too

Easily a special place to view

Stories and tales, verses and rhymes

Many of which speak of days and times

That brought them joy and sorrow too

Each one adding a different view

Whether they be old or young

Their stories they’ve boldly sung

To any wise enough to witness them

Each and every one a gem

Though some may come and some may go

Your value to me, I must share so you know

That all you share is special to me

Like the branches of a beautiful tree

I include all the bloggers here

For each of you is very dear





This is a poem I wrote eons ago and I thought it appropriate for “Elevate”.

The Song

Deep inside well hid from view

Exists the essence I call you

Sometimes full of pain and sorrow

One looses sight of a better ‘morrow

Without the aid of one’s true friends

Disaster waits around the bend

Please feel free to call on me

For there I’ve been assuredly

On other’s shoulders I have lent

When my head in sorrow bent

‘Tis not a crime to call out

When one is filled with pain and doubt

Soon my friend, you will be strong

Then to you, belongs the song







In some cases making new friends

Lifestyles we are able to blend

Whether local or far away places

Exchanging meaningful embraces

Sharing cultures both old and new

Fresh delights too many to pursue

Learning customs of faraway places

Opening ourselves up in new stages

Incorporating new always considerate

Refreshing exciting and although different

A welcome insight into how we can change

Adding what’s new no longer seems strange














Treasure 2


Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated image

What a delicious treasure life is

Full of games and sometimes bliss

A relaxed morning sleeping late

Or finding adventure we investigate

Early morning sunshine streams

Through the window in sunbeams

Winter weather bringing glistening snow

Children making angels all in a row

Summer with its gracious warm sun

Everyone is up for summertime fun

Gazing up at the heavens starlight

Identifying constellations all night

A warm and heartfelt hug

It fills us up and we feel snug

Wrapped in friendship and love

Everyone’s life should consist of

A tender smile so gently given

So wonderful it feels like heaven

Children’s laughter loud and clear

Fills the heart with fun and cheer

Nothing more special than the gift of time

Winter, Fall, Summer, and Springtime

This family that we have created

Although on occasion separated

Will always most treasured remain.










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Since I value my “things” they last forever and become outdated.  Often people will laugh since we live in such a disposable society that my cd player is 15 years old.  It was cutting edge and no one else had a five turntable in which to load cd’s and play them consecutively.  Believe it or not, I still have it, and it works just fine.  It is of value!  Not just because it is still in excellent condition, but because my daughter bought it for me with her first paycheck for my birthday.

Sometimes, it is touching how a “thing” can have value.  Not so much because of what it is, but because of the emotional ties to the item.  My grandchildren draw me little and often meaningless pictures since you can’t understand what they are without an explanation.  My fridge is covered with magnets and little pieces of paper on which the two little ones have scribbled a picture.  It’s valuable to them, and to me!  Even though I have no idea what the artwork is, they raced to my door, excitement on their little faces as they handed me what they surely thought was an item of value, one I’d be delighted to receive.   What of that delightful colourfully painted rock, or the birdcage made in class? All received with equal pleasure and now treasured.

A loved one passes and an item whether of large monetary value or not, comes to you.  How often over the years, your eyes becomes moist still, because it was something you shared with this person and it has great sentimental value.  Every time you touch the item, it brings back memories shared.

I could go on, for there is much to value from relatives, friends, pets, the environment. However this was my take on today’s word.  Hope you enjoyed.