I had my concerns about publishing this article but I decided to go for it anyway.  I wasn’t sure how it would be perceived.  Whether you agree or disagree the weight of the words thoughts and concerns must be addressed in my mind anyway.

Some of the articles relating to Weinstein suggest it was allegedly the “known” but the unacknowledged reality that governed and ruled much of Hollywood whether it related to stars, actors, singers, performers or others involved in the Hollywood scene in some way or others using fear and control to make or break your future.  The plethora of material is mounting in this regard suggesting the truth of the matter.

For as long as I can remember, hints of a dark and seedy black underbelly that controls Hollywood and probably involves every criminal activity known to man, exists and thrives.  The worst of which is a ring of child molesters and rapists (in my mind) and who knows where it stops.

Recently, a massive ring of people of all walks of life (particularly relating to those in positions of power) was uncovered in Canada and included involvement on every conceivable level with tentacles in several countries from teachers to others in position of power over children reaching every level of society.

I’m not denying the facts of the matter, or the dozens of other situations brought to light and now untold and limitless accusations popping up daily.  For those involved in the heinous crime of pornography rape child molestation cohertion or other criminal activities, THROW THE BOOK AT THEM!

On the other hand, hints and innuendo abound regarding a plethora of other actors who have allegedly made suggestive moves hints etc at other actors and actresses.  I am not defending anyone or suggesting these activities didn’t occur, but the possible ramifications of these suggestions if you are innocent is that once tainted, your career is over!  Are these people involved in that black underbelly of Hollywood or are some of these accusations a result of a grudge against a director, editor, actor, actress?  A hint of impropriety (especially the above-mentioned actions) and your career is over.  Also, if enough innuendo and accusations are thrown around, will we tire of hearing about them and think “omg”another incident, I’m so tired of hearing about this!

My second thought as an outsiders is, how will we ever ever know the truth of the situation?  Is it important to know?  I suggest it is simply because so many of our youth and young idealistic adults are drawn to Hollywood to fame and fortune in the pursuit of “making” it because they are indeed talented.

Unfortunately this horrific discovery throws into question how many have become famous or infamous as a result of this type of action.  We’ve all heard about casting couches.

Some talented individuals are seen at a glance and I often wonder why they didn’t make it big in Hollywood as they were incredibly talented yet they are listed as “B” list actors.  Others become famous and can’t sing a note or act to save their petuty.

My real concern in all this, is that one- the guilty be brought to justice and we get a handle on one of the worst crimes there are as rape, sexual abuse destroy the soul of the victim.  It can take years or even a lifetime to heal from this atrocity while some can’t handle the pain and commit suicide.

Secondly – my very real concern is for the younger people heading to Hollywood looking for stardom and keeping them safe and self aware-having the strength to stand firm against such assignations!

Is this another “black” day in Hollywood?  Does anyone else remember McCarthyism?  Anyone painted with communistic views and once hinted at, found their careers were over???

As I explained, my intention is not making light of a real and festering situation that may not directly involve us as viewers, but certainly affects a vast majority of innocent people in Hollywood.  And only in-so-far as it adversely affects those interested in heading to Hollywood to become entertainers.

No, Hollywood is not the only location in which these types of criminal activities occur.  As mentioned earlier, it’s a world wide epidemic that we can no longer sweep under the rug or look the other way at, but must be addressed.  This sickness has permeated every walk of life.

Still women (for all the breakthroughs) are treated as “less than nothing”  with disrespect, mysogynistically berated and torn down.  Our children, babies and teens are treated with the same horrific worthlessness.

There are so many avenues of thought along with untold questions and I for one find every activity perpetrated against ANY individual  that is demeaning an assault on humanity itself!



Poise, self respect and grace

Man once stood face-to-face

The definition of dignity

The backbone of humanity

Now pot shots from afar

On facebook, twitter, marr

The essence of what once was

Without time for thought or pause

How far humanity has fallen

Virtue and decency forgotten

In obtaining fifteen minutes of fame

As they play infamous word games

‘Tis truly sad the state of affairs

Wherein lost are the cares

Of those who would stand on dignity

A long lost age of chivalry

When men stood tall for right

Whether morning noon or night

Something solid they believed

Far less easily deceived





The soil rich black and even

Now prepared for the season

From which flowers would grow

Unending beauty row on row

In my imagination they overflow

In the garden alongside the road

Tall and stately short and sweet

Together they blend not compete

Each offering something different

A bouquet both spicy and fragrant

Mingling swaying in the breeze

Visited every now and then by bees

Tasting of their nectar sweet

Buzzing quietly so discreet

Humanity is much the same

Our earth our home I acclaim

Much like flowers so different are we

Whether herb or fruit tree

We all have much to offer, all of it free

Nurturing, warmth affection and love

Untold treasures joys to conceive of

Shared with seedlings soon to come

The soil rich black and even

Now prepared for the season








The human race needs a catapult

To launch us into true adulthood

Where the caring for others

Goes beyond fathers and mothers

Is boundless fruitful and endless

Standing not alone and friendless

But arm in arm with another

White black brown, whatever

The colour of our skin matters nought

What defines our humanity may be

The saving grace in all of us set free

A catapult to jettison us as a whole

Transformed body and soul

Into thoughts far above

Baselessness replaced by love





















Image result for pictures of wind tossed leaves


Oh the yin and yang of it all

Sometimes I feel so small

Test of faith, test of love

Tests that will not fit like a glove

A journey an ongoing quest

Often i am confounded and beat my breast

Which path to take, left or right

My decisions often cut like a knife

Draped in confusion amidst all this

For there is no right or wrong only what is

Still we have come so far, so many tests completed

We are at last at the big table seated

Feeling accomplished and delighted

Through it all we carry on undaunted

Surely more tests our way will come

We shall handle them with apolmb

For the end result is what we seek

To get there we must not be meek

But take in hand that which comes our way

As upon the field of growth we play

One day perhaps to achieve

All that we now perceive

Baby steps must follow each undertaken bravely

Until the ultimate test, that of our humanity

Our goal a simple one

Long since begun

And when we listen to the whisper

We shall acknowledge our strength of character.




Your safe all encompassing place.  Whether it be a person place or even thing that provides that feeling, that moment  (in some instances) of complete relaxation or safety required to blot out that which threatens to take us over.  A moment for us as individuals to cocoon ourselves in warmth security, comfort. To children, it can be a favourite stuffy, to teens, it can be a warm accepting look or hug, to adults, it can be that moment we’re wrapped in a loved ones arms.  Wherever that place is, it’s completely singularly ours.