Cloyingly sweet, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth Amanda Finley learned that lesson after attempting to break into Maria’s world through disingenuous means. She’d taken her time, worming her way into the lives and hearts of Maria’s friends until she’d been included in the inner circle such as it was.

Felicity doubted that although people gave consideration to naming their child, they fully realized the profound effect and influence on the emotional development and characteristic it had on the owner directly or indirectly and the cost of living up to that name. It could produce positive or negative results.


Juvenile and adolescent to say the least, but that was Shannon. She took affront at everything all the time. She had such a negative attitude that even a few kind words would likely be taken the wrong way.


Maybe A word filled with possibility and doubt.  The possibility that what we hope for, dream of, expect and want, the thing anticipated,will come true.  Conversely it might not. The positive side of maybe fills ...

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