Tears of Rage 8

Apparently, Dr. Greg knew of his ambition and put in a good word for him with the faculty there. Even gave him a letter of reference, outlining his capabilities and his work at the clinic.”


Wilkinson knew he had his leg work cut out for him, so he went to the bar in question and asked who had seen the brawl and whether they knew who was involved.


Since I’m retired, long weekends mean little in one sense, for me at least. Life continues on as usual to a degree and doesn’t change my lifestyle overmuch. The pleasurable part of a long weekend is spending relaxed downtime with family. So to some degree, I am touched by them in that there is a more languid feel about them.


https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/07/09/your-daily-word-prompt-dilatory-july-9-2019/ He felt displaced. Unwelcome. Unwanted. Superfluous. Even if it was in his own mind. Thrown into an unknown time stream, he’d landed in an era far more advanced than his own. He tried desperately ...


https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/03/15/your-daily-word-prompt-rumple-march-15-2019/ As he scanned the notebook, June surreptitiously peered across the space dividing them.  The rumpled look suited him.  Not that Nigel wouldn’t look good no matter what he wore, the rumple simply gave him ...


  Though they are honest and pure And have no need to demure In public places like libraries ‘n such Children, our hands often clutch   And we masquerade wearing masks While carrying on our ...

Rainy – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

On this rainy day I was relaxed Reading my novel, ’twas the climax   The fire was flickering, a soft glow Permeated outside the chateaux   A hum of voices quickly approached My friends would ...

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