Marty was a man of great depth which may or may not be apparent from his outward appearance. Some thought him cavalier in manner and dress but in fact, the was an advocate of respect dependability reliability loyalty and it didn’t stop there.


Everyone had words of praise honour and humour for Eric Summers. He was an easy man to memorialize. His integrity stood the test of time. He showed respect consideration affection and gratitude to all around him.

Inspire Before today, Joe had seemingly taken all the credit for his successes in life, whether work-related or on the home-front. Some considered him puffed up on pride and ego. His uncle, a man whom ...

Ephemeral – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  She sat staring into the distance Contemplating her existence Life was ephemeral at best On this planet, we’re all guests   Treating each other with respect ‘N  love, filling our lives with light, reject ...


Dignify Poise, self respect and grace Man once stood face-to-face The definition of dignity The backbone of humanity Now pot shots from afar On facebook, twitter, marr The essence of what once was Without time ...

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