Detective Marianne Martian had to laugh, seriously laugh. The guy had changed his story at least a half dozen times, and its “epic” stupidity simply grew along with the tale he told. How could he not see how ludicrous the story was?


It was never wise to leap to conclusions during an investigation and could spell professional and personal suicide. Usually, your initial reactions and thoughts were correct, but it was also essential to keep an open mind as in this case, since her gut told her the scene had been purposefully orchestrated and staged to mislead them.

As her father, a seasoned detective on the police force with over twenty-eight years of experience had often said, ‘it’s love, or money, follow both and you’ll find your perp’. He’d been right, all too often, someone had something to gain by the victim’s death. Often the victim was dead because the partner was afraid of losing out financially through the departure of the spouse. Surprisingly, mistakenly it seemed many believed that as the beneficiary of the other’s insurance policy, they’d collect and live on happily. However, when murder was suspected, insurance never paid out.

As a result, the first and usual suspect was the person that found the victim or last saw the victim. She’d run down each possibility as quickly as possible to eliminate any that weren’t viable in order to focus on who they figured might be the perpetrator.

In this case, the perp had been very sloppy even he thought he’d covered all his bases. A total wipe down of the crime scene as a cover up to exclude the possibility of him being the murderer only raised more questions and pointed them more determinedly in his direction. There should have been fingerprints, DNA and more of him all over the area since he’d lived there until recently. It stunk of cover up.

Through discussions with family and friends, the victim had come to realize her husband of 12 years had begun a fling with the office secretary and was planning on leaving her. Since the company was hers, had been in the family for generations he stood to lose big time.

He’d worked his way up the food chain to a position of management and had at some point begun wooing her and after a year, they’d married. She for love, him not so much.

Everyone else saw him for what he was, a gold digger, the payoff – prestige and financial gain that marrying the boss’s daughter would bring. There were two heirs to the multi-million- dollar business, but he still stood to gain several million through his wife. She hadn’t asked him to sign a pre-nuptial so he figured he was sitting pretty, could have his cake and eat it too, the money and the woman.

She, or so he’d thought, had been putty in his hands and he’d been able to maneuver his way through the situation quite well, affording a beautiful car plenty of clothes and lots of fast friends.

However, the gravy train was about to end since his wife had found out about the affair and had thrown him to the curb. He stayed with the ‘other woman’ promising her they’d be together once everything was settled and had gone about preparing his wife’s death.

Too bad he’d drawn a hard line determined cop who saw right through the strategy, who stood for the victim, and fully intended seeing him behind bars for the rest of his life.

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