Don Marshall was a fifty-year-old recently divorced man who carried bitterness around like a shovel and he regularly brandished it to beat others with. He had become an unpleasant man eaten up by anger and acidity until long-suffering associates viewed being in his presence as a duty to be dispensed with as quickly as possible always leaving with a shake of their head and a look of frustration and pity aimed at Wilma. Their show of respect was an effort of courtesy since Don spat it back at them with venom.


Maggy didn’t like calling anyone old, but Mr. Watson suited the term rather well. He was grouchy, surly, uncouth, arrogant, independent and a bit of a jerk. She couldn’t help but wonder what he’d been like in his youth and whether-or-not his churlishness came from the inability to do all that he once had.

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