Tears of Rage 3

enna walked to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face, hoping it might settle her, bring her back to reality. Was the face staring back at her from the mirror, really hers?

The Search

A couple of years ago I painted a little girl in a sunhat hunkered down beside a stream, wild daisies surrounding her with a beautiful lawn in the background.

Consensus – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Moments of harmony so treasured Living together in peace, no pressure   Sadly they are few and far between It’s like living in a moving time machine   Your mood swings are hard to take ...

Scorn – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

    She was at the top of her game And received much acclaim   Little did they know how she felt Or how her heart heart swelled   The object of scorn for many ...


Torn He gave to me such butterflies A constant and unending surprise In a look, a touch, even a smile As I peered now at his profile He always warmed my heart full score As ...

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