Aunt Wanda would have called Mason Tavish raffish. The offstage persona he’d created for himself suggested just that. He’d chosen that path to add an element of pizazz to his persona and it worked. He was offered a wide range of roles and it furthered his career.

Summer Baxter walked in and said, “What in the actual hell Is going on?” Her small office, just large enough to hold a five-foot desk and one chair along with a filing cabinet squashed into a corner had been ransacked.


Stella’s comment garnered a sideways glance from Darren who all but spit out his tongue. The look said, ‘what the hell’ since they’d agreed this wasn’t the time to broach the subject. He dropped his head in resignation. That’s Stella he thought. Always the unexpected.


https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/05/28/your-daily-word-prompt-silence-may-28-2019/ The surrounding silence had her heart pounding and her hearing was on high alert, in fact all of June’s senses were on high alert! She wondered if this was what it felt like for ...

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